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By G. D. Hishox

ISBN-10: 0486457435

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G. D. Hishox 1800 Mechaical hobbies units and Appliances1800 механических подвижных элементов и приборов. 16-е издание. Издается с 1921 г.Схемы механических подвижных устройств и их описание.

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Charts p and 3 b are correlations of the basic structures with the cognitive stages disclosed by various modern re­ searchers. , beyond formal operational thinking, or formop). Although "post­ formal" can refer to any and all stages beyond formop, it usually applies only to mental and personal, not supramental and transpersonal, stages. In other words, for most Western researchers, "postformal" refers to the first major stage beyond formop, which I call vision-logic. 1 4 As shown 22 GROUN D : THE FOUNDAT IO N in charts 3 a-b, most researchers have found two to four stages of post­ formal (vision-logic) cognition.

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