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Programming interviews in C++ approximately bushes

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Root) return; else std::cerr << " v==" << root->v__ << " "; if (root->left) { std::cerr << " ->left "; dump(root->left); } if (root->right) { std::cerr << " ->right "; dump(root->right); } } } Complexity This method has complexity , where and are the numbers of nodes in the two BSTs. 25 Finding out if there is a triplet in a Balanced BST that adds to zero Solution The optimal solution is to convert the BST into a double linked list. Then it is possible to iterate through the list and for each negative element we try to find a pair in the list,which sum is equal to the key of the current node multiplied by -1.

IsBST(root->left, prev)) return false; if (root->v__ < prev) return false; prev = root->v__; return isBST(root->right, prev); } Complexity The worst case time complexity is). 20 Converting a Double linked list into a BST Solution Converting a double linked list into a BST can be easily achieved recursively. The forward pointer of the double linked list can be used as a right child of a node and the backward pointer as left child. The algorithm starts by finding the element located in the middle position of the list (this is left as an exercise).

Then the range condition is checked and if it is met, the current node is printed. Finally the navigation continues recursively with the right children. root) return NULL; if (root->v__ >= k) rangePrint(root->left, k, h); if (root->v__ >= k && root->v__ <= h) std::cout << " v=" << root->v__; if (root->v__ <= h) rangePrint(root->right, k, h); } Complexity The worst time complexity is) , where is the number of nodes in the tree. 24 Merging Two Balanced Binary Search Trees Solution The most efficient method for merging two BST is to store each one of them in an array.

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