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One need not turn to theologians, however, to find powerful support for this position. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson’s immense prestige as a founder of American democracy is more than enough to support “the separation of church and state,” using his own words. There are those, however, who would even go beyond Jefferson to postulate “a wall of separation,” leading some wrongly to think that this was Jefferson’s own formulation. But there was and is no wall, either in rhetoric or reality. 0006  A Contemporary Theology for Ecumenical Peace in the nation in which they live, even when trying to do nothing overtly political.

Third, ecumenical peace action, marked by communal form and universal scope, will take the form of praxis, which is to be distinguished from the more usual term of ‘practice,’ that is, putting into practice a strategy, or a theory, or a set of ethical principles. None of us are moral enough or intelligent enough, no matter how wise our theories, to know from the beginning how to practice peace. ’ A more truly ecumenical peace emerges from a dynamic dialogical process often beginning with non-violent struggle, leading to dialogue and negotiation.

0005 Just Love: The Integral Relation of Love and Justice  understood abstracted from the other, it is possible to focus first on one and then the other. The bridge that essentially links them even when considered apart is the relational character of both. Love is essentially a relation that cannot be reduced to a sentiment, and justice is a relation that is concretely real only when actualized in community. The subjective dimension of love To be sure, there is a subjective emotional dimension to love.

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