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By Bill Greenwell, Linda Anderson, Derek Neale

An inspiring diversity of methods to complement your writing talents. full of stimulating writing routines, various costs and over 30 extracts from literature throughout a wide selection of genres, the publication should be as a whole path or dipped into all through. Accessibly written via 3 released writers and skilled lecturers from prime inventive writing associations, this can be a wealthy sourcebook of innovations containing: demanding writing workouts to extend the writer's procedure and 'voice'innovative methods of constructing fiction and poetry stylesin-depth introductions to level, radio and movie writinginsights into the best way varied genres have interaction and the way to conform tales for performanceadvice on format presentation of work"What is beguiling concerning the writing is the fashion - those aren't educational propositions: they're translations from adventure and perform" David Morley, Professor in artistic Writing, Warwick college

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20 2 DISCUSSION CONFLICT AND CONTRAST You might have created the tension between them by using contrast. Contrast between characters springs from personality rather than position. In the Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais television series Porridge, set in a prison, the conflict between the warder, McKay, and the inmate, Fletcher, does not come from their being on ‘opposite sides’. It comes from the difference in their personalities. McKay is prickly, twitchy, a stickler, humourless. Fletcher is bumptious, relaxed, breezy, witty.

Quoted directly ... 227). She also used a contemporary diary, and an account of GI brides, whose author, Pamela Winfield, read Jensen’s manuscript, and helped Jensen to spot any accidental incongruities. Jensen also received a travel grant to visit a GI bride who had moved to California after the war. This mixture of reading and conversation is powerful. If your work is set in the not-too-distant past, it is as vital to talk to those who are in the know as it is to consult archive material. ’) and the occasional contemporary reference (Clark Gable, doing the ‘boomp’, the song she quotes).

The most interesting are likely to be those in which there has been a disagreement, a falling-out, a difference of opinion, an argument, or where there have been contrary points of view. In life, we may side with one person against another. If you want your audience or readers to be absorbed by conflict, however, it makes good sense to force them to have problems choosing ‘sides’. One way to complicate the issue, and to make it richer, is to create characters who see from a point of view with which you are in disagreement.

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