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By Robert Jordan

ISBN-10: 0812550285

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The Wheel of Time turns, and a while come and cross. What was once, what is going to be, and what's, may perhaps but fall lower than the Shadow. allow the Dragon experience back at the winds of time.

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Tod's mother had willingly let him go only for the honor of her son following Perrin Goldeneyes. "A famous victory," Tod said finally. "That's what we won. '' Grizzled Jondyn Barran, gnarled as an oak root, was one of the few older men among the three hundred. A better bowshot than anyone in the Two Rivers except Master al'Thor and a better hunter than anyone at all, he was one of the Two Rivers' less distinguished residents. Jondyn had not worked a day more than he had to since he was old enough to leave his father's farm.

They still wanted to say something, though they held back until they were alone and Perrin asked what it was. Then Havien burst out, "Lord Perrin, it's the Lord Dragon. All that searching through the corpses—" "It seemed a little ... excessive," Dobraine interrupted smoothly. "We worry for him, as you can understand. " He might look a soldier, and he was, but he was a Cairhienin lord, too, and steeped in the Game of Houses, with all its careful talk, like any other Cairhienin. Perrin was not steeped in the Game of Houses.

Alanna gazed at the ground, resigned, almost sullen. Sorilea was having none of it. Clapping hands sharply, she, made brisk shooing motions. "Well? Move! " Reluctantly, the Aes Sedai let themselves be herded, making it seem they simply were going where they wished. Joining Sorilea, Amys whispered something that Perrin did not quite catch. The three Aes Sedai apparently did, though. They stopped dead, three very startled faces looking back at the Wise Ones. Sorilea just clapped her hands again, louder than before, and shooed even more briskly.

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