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By Chapman Cohen

A Grammar of Freethought

By Chapman Cohen

Outgrowing the Gods

It has to be left if you happen to learn the subsequent pages to make a decision how a ways this publication lives as much as its name. That it leaves many elements of lifestyles untouched is kind of transparent, yet there has to be a restrict to every little thing, even to the dimensions and scope of a ebook; additionally, the paintings doesn't target at being an encyclopædia, yet simply an summary of what may possibly particularly be considered as the Freethought place. Freethought, back, is simply too fluid a time period to allow its teachings being summarized in a collection creed, however it does stand for a definite certain perspective of brain on the subject of these difficulties of lifestyles with which considerate women and men problem themselves. it truly is that psychological angle which I goal at depicting.

To those who find themselves ultimately fascinated by the assault on supernaturalism it could actually even be a question of remorse that lots of this paintings is worried with a feedback of non secular ideals. yet that's an twist of fate of the placement. we haven't but reached that level in affairs after we can have enough money to enable faith on my own, and one could conveniently be excused the suspicion that those that, with no believing in it, profess to take action, are extra enthusiastic about fending off a tough, if no longer harmful, topic, than they're with the matter of constructing sane and sound tools of pondering. And whereas a few who stand ahead as leaders of renowned idea fail to do their half within the paintings of attacking supernaturalistic ideals, others are perforce pressured to commit extra time than they might another way to the duty. That, briefly, is my apology for relating myself so principally with spiritual issues, and leaving nearly untouched different fields the place the Freethought perspective may end up both fruitful of results.

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The change is in the direction and form of their manifestation only, and it is in the light of the human nature around us that we must study and interpret the human nature From that point of view that has gone before us. we may safely conclude that bad institutions were kept professing a rcligiou founded on love and were ruthless where heresy was concerned, and were ready to trample it out at any cost. Dominic and Francis, Bonaventure and Thomas Aquinas, Innocent III. and St. Louis, were types, in their several ways, of which humanity, in any age, might feel proud, and yet they were as unsparing of the heretic as Kzzelin di Roniancj was of his enemies.

It is the greatest lies in the history of the human race, stood the conqueror for many centuries. The teaching of the rotundity of the earth and its revolution round the sun was suppressed for hundreds of years until it was revived in the i6th century. In the long run truth does emerge, but a lie may have a terribly lengthy innings. For the lie is accepted by the many, while the truth is seen only by the few. But it is the few to whom we turn when we look over the names of those who have made the world what is it.

And if that is so, it is evident that any attempt to prevent the play of new ideas on old institutions is striking at the very fact of progress. For if we are to encourage variation we must permit it in all directions, good. up You as well as down, for evil as well as for cannot check variation in one direction without checking it in all. RAiMiMAR OF 56 FREETHOUGHT. apjiearancc of a new idea that you do not want without threatening: the appearance of a number of ideas It is, therefore, that you would eatrcily welcome.

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