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This publication is an outline of Luwo, a Western Nilotic language of South Sudan. Luwo is utilized by multilingual, dynamic groups of perform as one language between others that shape person and versatile repertoires. it's a language that serves as a way of expressing the Self, as a medium of artwork and self-actualization, and infrequently as a medium of writing. it really is spoken in the house and in public areas, by way of relatively huge numbers of people that establish themselves as Luwo and as participants of all types of different teams. which will supply insights into those dynamic and various realities of Luwo, this ebook includes either a concise description and research of the linguistic positive aspects and constructions of Luwo, and an method of the anthropological linguistics of this language. The latter is gifted within the kind of separate chapters on ownership, quantity, experiencer buildings, spatial orientation, notion and cognition. In all sections of this research, sociolinguistic details is supplied anyplace this is often priceless and attainable, designated details at the semantics of grammatical beneficial properties and structures is given, and discussions of theory-oriented techniques to numerous linguistic positive aspects of Luwo are awarded.

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The direction of the process depends on the underlying historical process and type of grammatical element that was originally at work. For example, anticausative verb stems always change an original [‑brv, -atr] vowel to its [+brv, +atr] counterpart. 45) /gɔ́ɔ̀ɲɔ̀/ ‘scratch’ → /gwóòɲò/ ‘scratched’ /póól/ ‘shinbone’ → /pɔ̀nɛ̀/ ‘shinbones’ Vowel lengthening, or shortening, plays a role in verbal derivation, such as in the construction of causative stems, as well as in the pluralisation of nouns. f.

Stressed syllables with a short vowel have less weight than syllables with long vowels and do not carry more than one toneme. 4 Morphophonological processes If two morphemes are combined this may result in a variety of phonological changes within these morphemes. The basic processes that are responsible for these changes are discussed in this section; first for consonants, then for vowels.  A Grammar of Luwo: An anthropological approach Morphophonological processes concerning tonemes will be explained in the sections where these processes are relevant.

2 Syllable weight The mora plays an important role in various domains of the grammar. As the tone system in Luwo is based on morae, the assignment of grammatically relevant tone, for example in number marking and verbal stem formation, depends on the weight of the syllable, and hence the number of morae in a morpheme or word. Syllables with a short vowel have only one mora, while syllables with a long vowel consist of two morae. The occurrence of nasals or the number of consonants in a syllable does not affect the weight of the syllable.

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