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Subjects, however, never identified the palatal glide as an approximant in this position but always as a vowel. When the vowel was one of the back rounded vowels, it could also be realized as a glide, in this case the labialvelar glide [w]. In only a few words, however, did subjects recognize the labialvelar glide as a phonemic glide rather than as a vowel, and then only after the velar: kwa 'oil', kwe 'take'. The few phonetic sequences of C[w], which subjects did not feel were sequences of CV, have been treated as consonant clusters, even though treating them as CC sequences complicates the statement of syllable structure in (24).

Mani matan 'hide (oneself')). Another place name, "Kakoluma", a mountain site outside Conakry, is the source of the name for a brand of bottled water in Guinea. The place name is Mani, where ironically, the name is, ka kUlum6t, 'the place to drink palm wine', arising from the time when the Mani were "fleeing" the Soso. The fact that they had time enough to harvest and drink the palm wine -it takes 3 days for the palm wine flow to start after tapping, and the flow lasts 2-3 weeks before the tree is exhausted - suggests their flight may not have been too hurried.

V=84S9pZozGj4 (last accessed 3/26/201 0) The ftlming from that trip and another trip scheduled for 2010 will be used for two full-length programs on documenting dying languages in West Africa. On the basis of this visit we were able to provide a more favorable assessment of the vitality of the Mani language. At the time I left the Samu in 2007 I was fairly pessimistic about the fate of the language (and culture). We had identified some two to three hundred speakers at best, all of whom were over fifty years old.

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