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By B. Krishnamurti, J. P. L. Gwynn

ISBN-10: 0195616642

ISBN-13: 9780195616644

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Pollock, J-Y 1989. “Verb-movement, UG and the structure of IP”. Linguistic Inquiry 20: 365-424. Roberts, I. 1993. Verbs and Diachronic Syntax: A Comparative History of English and French. Dordrecht: Kluwer. Rohrbacher, B. 1995. “Explaining the syntactic consequences of ‘rich’ agreement morphology in the licencing of V-to-AgrS raising and pro”. In The Proceedings of the Thirteenth West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, R. Aranovich, W. Byrne, S. Preuss and M. ), 350-364. Rottet, K. 1992. “Functional categories and verb movement in Louisiana Creole”.

It is also important to systematically compare the different Kabuverdianu varieties to Portuguese dialects since at least part of The Genesis of the Kabuverdianu Dialect Cluster 45 the divergences might be accounted for by different dialectal superstratal input. All future research must be by or in cooperation with the Cape Verdean people themselves. Indeed, the local media have appealed to the population to collect folklore, and contemporary Cape Verdean linguists, especially Manuel Veiga and Eduardo Augusto Cardoso, are doing dialectological research.

Römer 1991; Devonish 1989). However, in the verbal marking system, too, the Barlavento creoles conserve many more superstratal structures than do the Sotavento creoles. This is seen in the fossilized subjunctive forms of Portuguese auxiliary verbs. For example, the creole of São Vicente conserves the third person singular conjugated forms ê, era, foi, fos, for of the present, imperfect, perfect indicative, imperfect and future subjunctive respectively of the Portuguese copular verb ser, as well as the infinitive form, while the creole of Santiago conserves only ê, era and ser and has created serba by suffixing the past marker -ba.

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