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Sg. sg. sg. sg. ' In sentences (233) to (235) the expression milli is omitted. However both izjed and inqas in the first clause are followed by rna, whereas in the second clause it is only inqas which is followed by rna. 2. 2sg. sg. as much as work - 2sg. ' In contrast to (232) any of the two verbs in (236) can be negated, either singly or both together. 45 Whereas the comparative clause in (232) and the equative clause in (236) can precede the main clause, in which case the constituent order of the main clause changes from SV to VS, the relative order of the comparative clauses in (233) to (235) is fixed.

X. The negative Imperative forms occur without the prefix rna: tiktibx, tiktbux. 2. Are there different degrees of negative imperative? No. 3. Are there other means of expressing the above type of imperative? Yes. 1. above, for example La tisraqx 'Thou shalt not steal'. 4. 1. Are there other distinct sentence-types in the language? Sentences expressing surpirse The question-word xi in sentence-initial position occurs demonstrative pronoun to express surprise. 27 III conjunction with a (155) Xi qrusa ta' nbid dik!

The subject and direct object arguments are retained, but with the addition of their respective prepositions (ta' for direct object, minn for subject, in that order) and the conjunctions are changed in form from wara Ii, malli and fil-hin Ii respectively. Here too an adverbial expression would be avoided. Adverbial clauses of Manner An adverbial clause of Manner introduced by the expression skond kif can be made non-finite, by substituting the verbal noun for the subordinate verb: (241) Finite clause kif ghallmuna missirijietna Dejjem irnxejna skond always walked - 1pI.

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