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1 The cuneiform (from the Latin word for ‘wedge-shaped’) system derives ultimately from Southern Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq, where it was devised by the Sumerians for writing their own language and adapted centuries later for writing Akkadian, a Semitic language. 2 During the earliest phase of their kingdom’s history, the Old Hittite period, officials used this hieroglyphic script to inscribe stamp and cylinder seals. Much later, during the so-called New Hittite (or Empire) period, kings began to use this system for carving royal inscriptions on rock faces or stelae.

11). , pár-aḫ-ta represents /parhta/. In some cases, however, evidence shows that a CVC-VC spelling is merely shorthand for CV-CV-VC: LÚḫi-ip-pár-aš or ḫu(-u)-up-pár-aš alongside ḫu-up-pa-ra-aš. A second type consists of cases where it appears that the scribe has simplified a VC-CV sequence (with identical C) by omitting the CV sign. These cases are not examples of scribal errors, but a system of scribal shorthand used mostly15 in post-OH. 32 iii 29, 30), *šu-pí-in, or *šu-pí-ya-aḫ. Both types would be abbreviated writings.

100). Such hybrid writings are few in number, even if those few words occur frequently. 39. Some Sumerograms prefixed (much less commonly suffixed) to nouns are determinatives. 51 (p. 40. , URUNerik ‘the city Nerik’, ḫaraš MUŠEN ‘eagle’). , ‘man of the spear’) (not LÚ ‘spear belonging to the male class’). In the last two cases the virtually consistent retention of the Akkadian genitive ending - on the second noun betrays its function in Akkadian as a genitive. 41. Proper names regularly bear determinatives.

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