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By Noelani Goodyear-Ka′opua (ed.), Ikaika Hussey (ed.), Erin Kahunawaika′ala Wright (ed.)

ISBN-10: 0822356953

ISBN-13: 9780822356950

A country Rising chronicles the political struggles and grassroots projects jointly referred to as the Hawaiian sovereignty stream. students, neighborhood organizers, newshounds, and filmmakers give a contribution essays that discover local Hawaiian resistance and resurgence from the Seventies to the early 2010s. images and vignettes approximately specific activists additional carry Hawaiian social pursuits to lifestyles. The tales and analyses of efforts to guard land and traditional assets, face up to group dispossession, and increase claims for sovereignty and self-determination display the various ambitions and techniques, in addition to the inevitable tensions, of the broad-tent sovereignty circulation. the gathering explores the Hawaiian political ethic of ea, which either comprises and exceeds dominant notions of state-based sovereignty. A kingdom Rising increases concerns that resonate a ways past the Hawaiian archipelago, matters akin to Indigenous cultural revitalization, environmental justice, and demilitarization.

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Greevy. threatened the area known as Queen’s Surf, Canoes, and Baby Queen’s.  . ” 37 At the bottom of the poster was a name, John Kelly, and a phone number. Ed called John that night, and his life’s course changed. Within the week, Ed was sitting at an sos meeting at the home of John and his wife, Marion Kelly. A group of surfers in their teens and early twenties was there planning for a protest at the state capitol against the beach widening project, which would have particularly impacted an area known as a safe training ground for kids learning to surf.

In “Resisting the Akaka Bill” (chapter 15), J. Kēhaulani Kauanui illustrates the complex terrains Kanaka Maoli must face when asserting both a national independence claim and an Indigenous, genealogical rootedness in the national lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom. S. Introduction 19 Noelani Goodyear-­K aʻōpua 20 domestic law and politics. S. federally recognized status similar to Indian tribes and would fundamentally weaken Hawaiian claims to national independence, which have never been relinquished.

Building consciousness about the history, status, and health of these lands provided a critical piece in the development of Hawaiian sovereignty discourse. 28 Mililani Trask served as the Kiaʻāina or head of klh for eight years during its heyday. S. federal recognition framework as well as those supporting independence from the United States. S. recognition and then to gain control of the public trust lands. Introduction 15 Noelani Goodyear-­K aʻōpua 16 Beyond klh, independence leaders that rose to prominence throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s, such as Skippy Ioane and Kekuni Akana Blaisdell, rejected reconciliation approaches and argued for nothing less than full autonomy and the re­ establishment of Kanaka ties to ʻāina.

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A Nation Rising: Hawaiian Movements for Life, Land, and Sovereignty by Noelani Goodyear-Ka′opua (ed.), Ikaika Hussey (ed.), Erin Kahunawaika′ala Wright (ed.)

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