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The Gods blessed Lieutenant Bak, head of the Medjay police, with an extraordinary brilliance -- that's why he's the single to whom his commander turns in a time of desire. The explorer Minnakht has vanished into the significant and cruel Egyptian desolate tract -- or even has strayed perilously with regards to Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut’s well-guarded turquoise mines -- and sooner than Bak sails north on a brand new task he's to search out the lacking guy. yet evil is touring with him and his Medjays within the caravan they accompany eastward. anyone -- or whatever -- is accountable for the unusual rash of deaths that's swiftly thinning the numbers in their fellow tourists. an easy look for a lacking adventurer turns into a twisted knot of treachery and blood -- person who threatens to strangle the existence from Bak and his males and go away them buried for all eternity underneath the blistering sands.

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The one wearing the faded red leather kilt. ” Bak watched Dedu for a few moments. The guide, some years older than the drovers, toiled among them as an equal. He liked that. It signified a man secure within himself. Thus far, Senna had helped with the donkeys but had offered no as- A PATH OF SHADOWS 43 sistance to Minmose. As if the many small household tasks were beneath him. The sun rose fully above the ridge, sending long rays through the wispy branches of the tamarisks. A slight breeze blew the smoke from a makeshift hearth across the small encampment, carrying with it the odor of charred bread.

He spotted Nebre’s tall, slim figure, returning from the nomad camp at a good fast pace. As soon as User and the nomad spread out a sheet in which to roll the body, he hurried eastward to meet the Medjay, preferring to speak with him alone than to air his suspicions to all the world. ” Nebre wiped a thin film of sweat from his face. “Nothing remained but a few footprints and the marks of a crude shelter. The fire was cold. ” With Nebre beside him, Bak walked slowly toward the well, mulling over the news.

They saw no sign of a fire, so assumed the men traveling with the animals were asleep. Opting to remain apart, they made camp about fifty paces down the wadi beside a row of stunted trees that followed the watercourse for some distance downstream. Better to approach in the light of day when they would not be mistaken for bandits. Rona, a hard-muscled young Medjay who had a slight limp, gathered broken twigs scattered around the trees. Minmose, shorter and broader, as cheerful as Rona was serious, whistled softly as he built a small fire on which to warm a slim but welcome meal of beans and onions, which they ate with dried fish.

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