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By Richard Nuccitelli, Leslie Wilson, Paul T. Matsudaira

ISBN-10: 0125228104

ISBN-13: 9780125228107

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A Practical advisor to the learn of Calcium in residing Cells describes well known strategies besides useful do's and don't's and desktop courses. the amount allows investigators to guage confocal photographs, use the newest dyes, and layout Calcium buffers applicable to their learn wishes. This publication is designed for laboratory use by way of graduate scholars, technicians, and researchers in lots of disciplines, starting from molecular to mobile degrees of research. Key positive factors * Describes recommendations for detection of [Ca2+]I: Ca2+ - delicate microelectrodes * Fluorescent dyes * Luminescent proteins * comprises ideas for perturbing intracellular Ca2+ * Covers particular method plus difficulties and pitfalls of every process * features a useful consultant to getting ready Ca2+ buffers with an easy-to-use laptop software * colour plates illustrate innovations reminiscent of * Confocal ratio-imaging * Use of aequorin

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Chemical Properties B. Calculating Effects of Photolysis Introduction into Cells Light Sources Calibration Purity and Toxicity Biological Applications A. Ion Channel Modulation B. Muscle Contraction C. Synaptic Function 1). Other Applications Conclusions References METHODS IN CELL UIOLOGY. VC)L UJ Copyrighr 0 IYJJby Acidcmir I'rcss. Inc All rights ofrcproductlon in any iorm rrrcrvcd 31 32 Robert Zucker I. Introduction Photolabile Ca” chelators, sometimes called caged Ca2+ chelators, are used to control [Ca”], in cells rapidly and quantitatively.

The two points furthest to the left in A are the lowest free [Ca2+]in the calibration curve in B (and are not included in the regression). The three calibration curves shown are for the original (or planned pCa), the pCa predicted solely by the electrode, and the pCa after recalculation using the values determined in the Scatchard plot as well as the total Ca2+ added to the buffers. In this instance, good agreement existed between the three curves, but this is not always the case (see Bers, 1982).

Metal binding constants, AH values). For applications with small volumes of solution, however, replacing EGTA with BAPTA may be quite reasonable. 5 X i Iz;,). , not protonated). B. Potential Complications Not all the desired constants have been determined for the metals and chelators of interest, placing some limitations on how accurately one can predict the free [Ca”] of a given complex solution or determine how much total Ca” is required to achieve a desired free [Ca’+]. , Mg2+,Mg2+-ATP). , the low affinity Ca2+ buffer nitrilotriacetic acid, NTA, can form Ca2+-NTA2 complexes).

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