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Polish Armies of the Partitions 1771-94

The tragic nationwide epic of Polish background - its repeated overseas occupations, and its heroic yet doomed rebellions - all started in those past due 18th-century wars. less than Poland's Saxon monarchy, Russia and Prussia continually meddled within the affairs of the dominion, either exerting strain, and subverting Polish events to paintings of their want.

Neurological Disorders in the Arab World

After graduating from Tripoli, Libya in 1990, Dr Benamer got here to the uk in 1991 to additional his education in drugs. He bought the MRCP in 1994 and educated in neurology in Glasgow. He received a PhD and CCST in 2000 and used to be appointed a expert neurologist in Wolverhampton and Birmingham an identical yr.

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Soldiers' tales, as described in chapter 10, are expressions of codes shared by soldiers and reinforced in the telling. The positive, intriguing, or piquant stories repeated time and again are useful as a counter-weight against darker images. The result is neither the domination of one rhetoric nor another: at least in soldiers' stories, told by soldiers and for soldiers, and made available to others through publication, the outcome is never certain, but the conflict is not resolved. Each of these groups presents war through a particular interpretive code - or 'structure', in Bastide's terms.

M a r t y a n d R. S. ), Fundamentalism comprehended (Chicago: University of C h i c a g o Press, 1 9 9 5 ) , p p . 1 1 - 6 3 ; see also chapters 1 6 - 1 9 in t h e s a m e v o l u m e , written jointly b y G. A l m o n d , E . Sivan, a n d R . S . Appleby. Forms of kinship and remembrance in the aftermath of the Great War Jay Winter Agents of remembrance work in the borderlands linking families, civil society, and the state. There, during and after war, individuals and groups, mostly obscure, come together to do the work of remembrance.

H a l b w a c h s , The collective memory, p . 3 3 . 35 La memoire collective is not the reified memory of the collective - a notion filled with nationalist and racialist echoes. It is rather the individual's memory, fashioned by the social bonds of that individual's life. 37 Annales and the history o/mentalites The influence of Halbwachs on subsequent studies in cultural history has been real, but muted by another facet of his work. 40 For our purposes, the major concept produced by this school is histoire des mentalites, which may be translated loosely as the history of implicit 35 36 37 38 39 40 Ibid.

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