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By David Chandler

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Situation made him a felony. future may perhaps make him a hero. As a thief, Malden is exceptional within the loose urban of Ness, and chuffed there. yet by way of saving the lifetime of the knight Croy, Malden has sure himself to an historical, noble brotherhood . . . and he now possesses certainly one of in simple terms seven old Blades able to destroying demons. Malden fears accompanying Croy and the barbarian M?rget on their quest to dispatch a bad creature of nightmare . . . nor does he are looking to disturb the vengeful lifeless. yet with an murderer on his heels, the younger cutpurse is left without selection. and there's the comely sorceress, Cythera, to think about— promised to Croy yet in love with Malden—not to say the incredible treasure rumored to be hidden within the depths of the demon’s lair . . .

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He wondered. He needed to make a judgment. If they were at all clever they would leave the same way they came. Leave as little sign of forced entry as they could. If they were fools they would exit by the kitchen door on the ground floor. An easier method of escape, perhaps, but it would put them in full view of the windows of four other houses—and thus, potentially, any number of eyewitnesses. No, Malden thought. This bunch wouldn’t be that stupid. Cutbill—the master of the guild of thieves in Ness, and Malden’s own master—kept his eye open always for real talent in the criminal professions.

He saw a man slumped against a cracked wooden pillar behind the barbarian. That accounted for the great crash he had heard, which shook the tavern like an earthquake. He was certain the column had not been cracked when he came into this place earlier. The barbarian reached up and unlaced the front of his cloak. Pushing it away from his shoulders he revealed rippling muscle beneath—as well as a small arsenal of weaponry. A sword hung from his belt, reaching near his ankle. A cruel-bladed bearded axe hung at his other side.

The trade guilds say who may work, and who must starve. ” Malden felt little pity for the men. He himself was the son of a whore. He’d never known who his father was, had never had any family to fall back on. He’d been far more desperate once than these men would ever get. Yet he was going to offer them the same hope he’d clutched to himself. ” The thieves fell to communing with each other, in the mode of desperate looks and shrugs and shaking of heads. The one with the hurt tongue—the valet’s cousin—seemed to be their leader, since the others turned to him as if begging him to make a decision.

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