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By Harry Harrison

ISBN-10: 0523485050

ISBN-13: 9780523485058

ISBN-10: 0575071346

ISBN-13: 9780575071346

A steel road lower than the ocean is not any longer a dream. Captain Augustine Washington and his workforce of navvies are already using the tunnel less than the Atlantic in an heroic feat of development. For Gus, a descendant of the notorious George Washington, accomplished as a traitor after the conflict of Lexington, this can be the chance to redeem the family members identify. yet his appealing fiancee has been compelled to finish their engagement, and there's a ruthless and sinister plot to damage the tunnel - and Gus himself...

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Then the final terrible moment when the agent had gone and he knew that he could not commit this crime by himself. Washington listened and understood, and it was at his instruction that the broken man was taken away—because he understood only too well. It was later, scant minutes before the flying ship began her final approach to the Narrows and a landing in New York Harbor that the captain brought Washington the final report. "The other man is the real mystery, though it appears he was not French.

After the Battle of Lexington— which the British won—General George Washington was shot as a traitor. His descendant, AUGUSTINE WASHINGTON, has a secret ambition to clear his ancestor’s name, an ambition he never forgets as he works on the construction of the Transatlantic Tunnel. The genius behind the design and construction of the tunnel is SIR ISAMBARD BRASSEY-BRUNEL. WASHINGTON, although a fine engineer in his own right, is proud to work for SIR ISAMBARD. But the tunnel is in financial trouble, more backing is needed and the American colonies are looked to to supply the money.

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