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Is an exposition of absolute realities intimately. Abhidhamma potential greater doctrine and the book's objective is to inspire the proper software of Buddhism in an effort to get rid of improper view and at last all defilements. Many phrases in Pali the language of early Buddhism are used and are outlined as they're brought. the booklet is for that reason appropriate for rookies in addition to working towards Buddhists. it really is distinct and certain and a useful relief to unlocking the deep that means of the whole Buddhist canon and using the speculation to our day-by-day lives for the good thing about ourselves and others

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We may doubt whether cittas are real. How can we prove that there are cittas? Could it be that there are only physical phenomena and not mental phenomena? There are many things in our life we take for granted such as our homes, meals, clothes, or the tools we use every day. These things do not appear by themselves. They are brought about by a thinking mind, by citta. Citta is a mental phenomenon; it knows or experiences something. Citta is not like a physical phenomenon which does not experience anything.

Of the four types of lobha- 40 CHAPTER 4. hi, two types arise with pleasant feeling, somanassa (in P¯ali: somanassa-sahagata; sahagata means: accompanied by); two types arise with indifferent feeling, upekkh¯a (in P¯ali: upekkh¯a-sahagata). For example, when one clings to the view that there is a self who will continue to exist, the citta can be accompanied by pleasant feeling or by indifferent feeling. hi, two types are accompanied by pleasant feeling and two types are accompanied ¯ by indifferent feeling.

THE FIVE KHANDHAS ❆♥❞ ❤♦✇ ✐s ❜♦❞② s✐❝❦✱ ❜✉t ♠✐♥❞ ✐s ♥♦t s✐❝❦❄ ❍❡r❡✐♥✱ ❤♦✉s❡❢❛t❤❡r✱ t❤❡ ✇❡❧❧✲t❛✉❣❤t ❛r✐②❛♥ ❞✐s❝✐♣❧❡✳ ✳ ✳ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t ❜♦❞② ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✱ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t t❤❡ s❡❧❢ ❛s ❤❛✈✐♥❣ ❜♦❞②✱ ♥♦r ❜♦❞② ❛s ❜❡✐♥❣ ✐♥ t❤❡ s❡❧❢✱ ♥♦r s❡❧❢ ❛s ❜❡✐♥❣ ✐♥ t❤❡ ❜♦❞②✳ ❍❡ s❛②s ♥♦t ✏■ ❛♠ ❜♦❞②✑✱ ❤❡ s❛②s ♥♦t ✏❜♦❞② ✐s ♠✐♥❡✑✱ ♥♦r ✐s ♣♦ss❡ss❡❞ ❜② t❤✐s ✐❞❡❛✳ ❆s ❤❡ ✐s ♥♦t s♦ ♣♦ss❡ss❡❞✱ ✇❤❡♥ ❜♦❞② ❛❧t❡rs ❛♥❞ ❝❤❛♥❣❡s ♦✇✐♥❣ t♦ t❤❡ ✉♥st❛❜❧❡ ❛♥❞ ❝❤❛♥❣❡❢✉❧ ♥❛t✉r❡ ♦❢ ❜♦❞②✱ t❤❡♥ s♦rr♦✇ ❛♥❞ ❣r✐❡❢✱ ✇♦❡✱ ❧❛♠❡♥t❛t✐♦♥ ❛♥❞ ❞❡s♣❛✐r ❞♦ ♥♦t ❛r✐s❡ ✐♥ ❤✐♠✳ ❍❡ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t ❢❡❡❧✐♥❣ ✭✈❡❞❛♥✠❛✮ ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✳ ✳ ✳ ❍❡ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t ♣❡r❝❡♣t✐♦♥ ✭s❛ññ✠❛✮ ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✳ ✳ ✳ ❍❡ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t t❤❡ ❛❝t✐✈✐t✐❡s ✭s❛♥❦❤✠ ✡ ❛r❛❦❦❤❛♥❞❤❛✮ ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✳ ✳ ✳ ❍❡ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t ❝♦♥s❝✐♦✉s♥❡ss ✭✈✐ññ✠❛♥✳❛✮ ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✳ ✳ ✳ ❚❤✉s✱ ❤♦✉s❡❢❛t❤❡r✱ ❜♦❞② ✐s s✐❝❦✱ ❜✉t ♠✐♥❞ ✐s ♥♦t s✐❝❦✳ So long as we are still clinging to the khandhas we are like sick people, but we can be cured of our sickness if we see the khandhas as they are.

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