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Signed up for a half-marathon and never certain what you have got your self into? Absolute Beginner's consultant to Half-Marathon education: prepare to Run or stroll a 5K, 8K, 10K or Half-Marathon Race is an easy-to-understand advent to the area of operating half-marathon, or shorter, race. counseled by means of the nationwide Institute for health and game, this booklet is choked with illustrations, notes on how one can remain inspired and how one can teach with out ache. it is going to consultant you thru your marathon-training application and help you locate the precise garments and footwear, hinder and deal with accidents and warm-up earlier than operating. no matter if you're jogging a shorter distance, it is a priceless education handbook. So run, or stroll, in your nearest book place and choose up a duplicate of ABG to Half-Marathon education at the present time!

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Your secondary goal should be to complete the 5K, 10K, or halfmarathon. This will help you stay motivated to exercise and get fit first. Keep the intensity low and enjoyable. Consistency is the key to success. ” This is a common goal for individuals who have been exercising regularly but have never attempted a walking or running race, especially the longer distances. If this is your primary goal, focus on staying injury free by keeping the intensity low most of the time. Try to keep up with the long run/walk mileage as it increases and do not try to run/walk through injury.

Two ways to determine exercise intensity are by calculating your target heart rate ranges and subjectively measuring your rating of perceived exertion while walking and running. Measuring your heart rate during exercise provides an objective measure of your exercise intensity. Monitoring your heart rate is an excellent tool to determine more precisely how hard you are working so you can actually walk or run “easy” on your easy days and “moderate” on your moderate days. If you relate best to numbers and exact measurements, monitoring your heart rate may be a good option for you.

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion: ■ Progressive weakness, reduced appetite ■ Moist, clammy skin continues 46 ABSOLUTE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO HALF-MARATHON TRAINING ■ Pulse rapid but weak ■ Common for fainting to occur Treatment of Heat Exhaustion: ■ Remove as much clothing as possible ■ Apply ice packs on pressure points, especially near the carotid artery in the neck and the femoral artery near the top of the thigh/groin area ■ Drink cool water ■ Remove the runner/walker from heat or direct sun for the rest of the day ■ If the runner/walker does not feel better shortly, take him/her to a hospital Symptoms of Heat Stroke: ■ Dizziness, weakness, and confusion ■ May be or become unconscious ■ High temperature, 105 degrees is not uncommon ■ Skin is flushed, hot, and dry Treatment of Heat Stroke: ■ Get the runner/walker to a doctor ■ Follow first aid for heat exhaustion until the person can be admitted to a hospital.

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