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By Nancy, Jean-Luc; McKeane, John

ISBN-10: 0823242986

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ISBN-13: 9780823246359

During this paintings, Jean-Luc Nancy is going past his prior historic and philosophical proposal and attempts to imagine - or no less than crack open a bit to considering - a stance or bearing that would be appropriate to the retreat of God that effects from the self-deconstruction of Christianity.


This e-book makes use of a deconstructive approach to assemble the background of Western Monotheism (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) and reflections on modern atheism. It develops Nancy's thoughts of Read more...

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Adoration speaks of this infinite that speaks to it, addresses it. It is, in a way, the praise of infinite sense. 3 A praising that is itself without end, a praising commensurate with what it praises—and equal to what it praises, since it stems from there. Commensurate with an incommensurable. For this reason it is neither possible nor desirable to discuss adoration in an organized, coherent way. But neither is it a case of privileging what is unorganized, fragmented, suspended. ” Undoubtedly, adoration must not be thematized.

But it is true that the word transcendence is burdened with centuries of usage in a static, non-dynamic sense, and hence it can be abandoned. Indeed, it must be, because it is by changing words that thinking can be dislocated—and in dislocating thinking, what I have given the burdensome name of “civilization” can also be dislocated. ). “To adore”—I am aware that this word is even more burdened than others, overburdened with dubious piety and with worldly frivolity—must also and perhaps most of all be a way of addressing differently words that we can only rarely change or replace as we might like.

Him,” “that [ça],” or “nothing”: the thing itself that is nothing in particular but that there should be some things, and a world, or worlds, and us, all of us, all existents. It is not a reverse side, in truth: it is the very obverse of the real, it is the real as such turned toward us, open to us, and to whose opening we address ourselves. That is what is named “adoration”: a word addressed to what this word knows to be inaccessible [sans accès]. We know all of this. We know it, and we forget it.

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Adoration by Nancy, Jean-Luc; McKeane, John

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