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The quantity offers the cutting-edge in examine on African sorts of Arabic. best students from all over the world tackle subject matters facing language touch, the improvement of Arabic-based pidgins and creoles, synchronic language version and diachronic language reconstruction.

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On the contrary, it seems that the progression of formal education in the Nuba Mountains is not directly related to language abandon since 58% of bilingual/trilingual speakers affirmed to have some degree of literacy in Arabic. ), the structures of non-native Arabic varieties spoken by non-Arab bilingual speakers in Kadugli vary a great deal according to social and historical dynamics of language contact. 22 Stefano Manfredi Map 3. Geographical distribution of minority languages in Kadugli 7 4.

51, ȥasīde > ʔasīde ‘porridge’; ex. 52, abū ȥidʒāl > abū ʔidʒāl ‘Abū ‘Ijāl’; ex. 53 ȥarabi > ʔarabi ‘Arabic’) or it can be elided in middle and final position (ex. 51, Native and non-native varieties of Arabic in Kadugli 39 bitāȥ > bitá ‘of’; ex. 52, gaȥd-na > gáad-na ‘we sat down’, maȥ > ma ‘with’; ex. 53 gāȥid > gāid ‘sitting’). 5c) It should be stressed that the tendency to drop pharyngeal consonants has been equally observed in other non-native varieties of Arabic spoken in Sudan (Miller and Abu Manga 1992: 78; Abu Manga 2006: 255) and in Chad (Jullien de Pommerol 1997: 125).

A= > ha= for expressing a future tense. According to Dickins (2006: 569) this tense marker is a 20th century borrowing that is now well established in Khartoum Arabic. agg > hagg that is the default possessive marker in urban Sudanese Arabic and bitāȥ > bitā, which has been recently borrowed from Egyptian Arabic. In this regard, it should be remarked that, differently from the urban dialect of Khartoum (Dickins 2006: 570), in Kadugli possessive particles do not agree in gender and number with the possessed noun phrase.

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