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By Lincoln C. Chen, Jaime Sepulveda Amor, Sheldon J. Segal

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ISBN-13: 9781461364795

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Over the previous decade, the AIDS pandemic has propagated so generally and exerted any such dev­ astating influence that one may well safely ask the query, Why no longer focus all AIDS efforts on ailment regulate on my own? Why hyperlink AIDS with women's reproductive overall healthiness? what's the medical foundation for this linkage? and the way may well reduction~ regulate and women's healthiness targets be promot­ ed at the same time? those questions represent the significant issues addressed during this monograph. The 15 chapters during this quantity are meant to supply cutting-edge reports of key interac­ tions among AIDS and women's reproductive future health for an viewers of scientists and coverage makers within the AIDS and inhabitants fields. Impetus for this monograph is available in pan from what we understand to be an insufficient worldwide reaction, up to now, to AIDS and women's wellbeing and fitness ;>roblems. a standard platform has didn't emerge one of the disparate expert groups operating within the parts of AIDS, STDs, and family members making plans. for that reason, endeavors in those fields were remoted, and possibilities for joint motion were overlooked. an immense and, as but, unharnessed capability exists for energy­ ful interdisciplinary collaborations that can advance regulations and courses opposed to those urgent illnesses of humankind.

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Two such studies have been perfonned. The first, by Bongaans et al. (25), compared the reported HIY seroprevalence in African capital cities with national male circumcision practices. They found a very strong correlation. Our group performed a similar study (26), in which the reported HIY-l seroprevalence in general population samples from 140 locations in Africa was related to ethnic male circumcision practices gleaned from the anthropologic literature. There was a striking association. As shown in the 39 map in Figure 1, male circumcision is not practiced in areas of highest HIV-I prevalence.

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