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This market-leading textual content maintains to supply scholars and teachers with sound, continually based factors of the mathematical thoughts. Designed for a two-term path, the recent 8th version keeps the gains that experience made Algebra and Trigonometry a whole answer for either scholars and teachers: fascinating functions, state of the art layout, and leading edge know-how mixed with an abundance of conscientiously written workouts.

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Consult the user’s guide for your calculator for instructions on keystrokes and how numbers in scientific notation are displayed. 0000045͒ . 00003͒͑1500͒ Solution Begin by rewriting each number in scientific notation and simplifying. 4͒͑105͒ ϭ 240,000 Now try Exercise 63(b). 2 Exponents and Radicals 19 Radicals and Their Properties A square root of a number is one of its two equal factors. For example, 5 is a square root of 25 because 5 is one of the two equal factors of 25. In a similar way, a cube root of a number is one of its three equal factors, as in 125 ϭ 53.

Example 1 Finding the Domain of an Algebraic Expression a. /Corbis is the set of all real numbers. In fact, the domain of any polynomial is the set of all real numbers, unless the domain is specifically restricted. b. The domain of the radical expression Ίx Ϫ 2 is the set of real numbers greater than or equal to 2, because the square root of a negative number is not a real number. c. The domain of the expression xϩ2 xϪ3 is the set of all real numbers except x ϭ 3, which would result in division by zero, which is undefined.

3. Factor as ax2 ϩ bx ϩ c ϭ ͑mx ϩ r͒͑nx ϩ s͒. 4. Factor by grouping. com for worked-out solutions to odd-numbered exercises. VOCABULARY In Exercises 1–3, fill in the blanks. 1. The process of writing a polynomial as a product is called ________. 2. A polynomial is ________ ________ when each of its factors is prime. 3. If a polynomial has more than three terms, a method of factoring called ________ ________ ________ may be used. 4. Match the factored form of the polynomial with its name. (a) u2 Ϫ v2 ϭ ͑u ϩ v͒͑u Ϫ v͒ (i) Perfect square trinomial 3 3 2 2 (b) u Ϫ v ϭ ͑u Ϫ v͒͑u ϩ uv ϩ v ͒ (ii) Difference of two squares (c) u2 Ϫ 2uv ϩ v2 ϭ ͑u Ϫ v͒2 (iii) Difference of two cubes SKILLS AND APPLICATIONS In Exercises 5–8, find the greatest common factor of the expressions.

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