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By I. R. Shafarevich (editor), V.I. Danilov, V.V. Shokurov

ISBN-10: 3540519955

ISBN-13: 9783540519959

"... To sum up, this booklet is helping to benefit algebraic geometry very quickly, its concrete type is pleasant for college kids and divulges the wonderful thing about mathematics." --Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum

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1. Let Z be a Cm-hermitian line bundle on X such that nef and CQ is ample. z)(x) Proof: } zis vertically - d+l &(""' 2 inf- h(x,z)(x) (d 1)deg(C&) X€X(Q) + Let us begin with the following lemma. 2. 2 we may assume C has a small section s. We set Y = div(s). Then, for any x E (XQ \ Y)(Q), - Let us start the proof of the theorem. Let c be a real number with 0 < c < 1. Let A be a hermitian line bundle on Spec@) given by 71 = (Ospec(z), cl . I). First, let us consider the left inequality. Let X be a rational number with 58 SHU KAWAGUCHI, ATSUSHI MORIWAKI AND KAZUHIKO YAMAKI Then, by an easy calculation, G ((6(c) - ~4(a*( 2 1 ) ) ~ >~ 0, ' ) where 7r : X -+ Spec(Z) is the natural morphism.

D e g ( ( ~ ~ c ) d oN(nd-') ) + + + oN(nd-'). )= O(Ndnd)log(O(Ndnd))= oN(ndf ') (rk(r2) - r k ( r l ) ) ( N n c 4 + N + n ) log = O(Ndndf') + oN(nd). 2 Combining these estimates, we obtain + - ( N n i)d+l deg(6 ( z ) d f l ) O(Ndndf') oN(ndf l ) . (d l ) ! Step 4: We will bound x s u p ( r l ) from below. We equip P(V3) c Vl with the induced norm. ) + (rk(r1) - rk(r3)) ( N n + N + n ) log (:-C4 ) . 3 that + - (Nn z)~+' deg(21(z)d+') O(Ndndfl) oN(ndf l ) . (d l ) ! For rk(r3), we have a similar estimate as for r k ( r l ) and rk(F2): For any n >> 1, N >> 1, and 0 5 i N - 1, we have xsUp(rs) = + + + < + ( N n i)d d e g ( ( ~ C ) d ) O(Nd-lnd) d!

Let Txly = Ker(TX -+ f * ( T y ) ) be the relative tangent sheaf. We fix a Kahler metric hf on Tx(c)ly(c) such that hf is invariant under the complex conjugation. Then, the arithmetic Todd class td(Txly) E C H ~ ( Xis) defined, although the coherent sheaf Txly is not in general a vector bundle (cf. 11). Let R(T) be the Gillet-Soul6 power series: A- epZO A + + where [(s) is the Riemann zeta function. Set R(T1, . . ,T,) = R(T1) . . R(T,) E R[[Tl,. _, T,]]. 1. 1 (Arithmetic Riemann-Roch Theorem).

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