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And not just in this body/mind but in every other body/mind that happens to be present, that happens to be in that awareness. So I am everything in this room . . There is only oneness, therefore what I am - which is oneness - is everything in this room. And there is need in this room. 53 I'm confused about this need. I f you take the example o f you needing dinner to satisfy/ a hunger drive within the body/mind, to me that would seem that there is still something central that is requiring something to be satisfied, something external to be taken in.

For example, you can sort o f bring the 'me' under observation and not work from it, but there’s actually nothing we can do to change things. It seems hopeless. It is hopeless. It's utterly and completely hopeless. It's even worse than hopeless - because hopeless in some way or other indicates that there might be somebody there who's hopeless. o o o It seems to me that you would like us all to be able to step free or however you'd describe it. I wouldn't like you to - let's just go carefully here!

Oh, come on! When somebody walks into the room or you're reading a book or are totally engrossed in a film . . You're in something else, and there is no body. o o o Tony, if we take the analogy o f the wave, when we were talking earlier on I had this feeling that maybe I'm just a constriction that arises and then disappears again. But how come ivhen I arise again it doesn't rise in your form, say? How come that in the material sense it's always in this form? It seems odd that the wave always rises in this form.

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