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By Blasi, J., Anthony J. Blasi

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First ever choice of histories of yankee sociology of faith, together with bills of early dissertations alterations in idea, and stories of denominations, globalization, feminism, new religions and Latino/a American faith.

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The author lists nineteen informants in an appendix; one can only guess how representative of Sicilian immigrants they were. For example: “A woman from Palermo. At times she is possessed by the spirit of a man who was murdered in Palermo. This spirit treats her evilly, swears at other people, and refuses to leave her body when attempts are made to drive him out. ” Thus the reader cannot know how typical of either Sicily or of Sicilian immigrants to Chicago the Àndings are. The chief supernatural protector is God, seen as unitary but invoked under various titles that elaborate the Trinity of Christian tradition.

Early dissertations in american sociology of religion 33 biblical literalism, adult baptism, and congregational polity. Chapter three recounts the migration to southern Russian territories at the invitation of Catherine the Great, who wanted a settled and productive population there rather than nomadic bands. The Mennonites survived the difÀcult pioneer circumstances from 1789 and were prospering by 1870. Because there was no effective government in the region, they had to adapt their traditions and form their own local government.

It is a fundamental problem to discover the processes which go on when social deÀnition is given to whatever innate qualities the leader may have” (p. 2). The focus is thus on collective action pertaining to the relationship between the prophet and the prophet’s following. No reference is made to Weber’s concept of charisma. Rather, the terms of the discussion are taken from Robert E. Park’s lectures on the crowd and the public (undoubtedly based on the latter’s 1906 dissertation, Masse und Publikum) and from the section on collective behavior in Park and Burgess’s Introduction to the Science of Sociology (1924).

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