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A pioneering paintings in psychology, this greatly influential ebook, first released in 1908, served as a catalyst within the learn of the rules of social habit. one of many first surveys to target human motivation, the amount assisted in laying the rules of a brand new self-discipline, isolating the sphere from sociology and common psychology. renowned, long-lived and ever appropriate, this landmark e-book is still worthwhile to lecturers and scholars of psychology. 1961 ed. one of the issues coated: where of instincts within the structure of the human brain; fundamental feelings of guy, and the character of sentiments; development of reproductive and parental instincts; constitution of personality.

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At present I am only concerned to prove that they have a place in the native constitution of the human mind. The instinct of self-display is manifested by many of the higher social or gregarious animals, especially, perhaps, though not only, at the time of mating. Perhaps among mammals the horse displays it most clearly. The muscles of all parts are strongly innervated, the creature holds himself erect, his neck is arched, his tail lifted, his motions become superfluously vigorous and extensive, he lifts his hoofs high in air, as he parades before the eyes of his fellows.

This avenue to the instinct, the unfamiliar, becomes in man highly diversified and intellectualised, and it is owing to this that he feels fear before the mysterious, the uncanny, and the supernatural, and that fear, entering as an element into the complex emotions of awe and An Introduction to Social Psychology/47 reverence, plays its part in all religions. Fear, whether its impulse be to flight or to concealment, is characterised by the fact that its excitement, more than that of any other instinct, tends to bring to an end at once all other mental activity, riveting the attention upon its object to the exclusion of all others; owing, probably, to this extreme concentration of attention, as well as to the violence of the emotion, the excitement of this instinct makes a deep and lasting impression on the mind.

In the simple form, in which it is expressed by the self-display of animals, it does not necessarily imply self-consciousness. Many children clearly exhibit this instinct of self-display; before they can walk or talk the impulse finds its satisfaction in the admiring gaze and plaudits of the family circle as each new acquirement is practised;26 a little later it is still more clearly expressed by the frequently repeated command, “See me do this,” or “See how well I can do so-andso”; and for many a child more than half the delight of riding on a pony, or of wearing a new coat, consists in the satisfaction of this instinct, and vanishes if there be no spectators.

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