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The ongoing debate over the lifestyles or non-existence of formal verbal point in Gothic caused the writer to put in writing this monograph whose goal is to supply a totally new origin for a thought of point and comparable positive aspects. Gothic, with its constrained corpus, representing a translation of the Greek, and displaying fascinating parallels with Slavic verbal buildings, serves and an illustrative version for the idea. partly I the writer argues unified thought of element, actional varieties, and verbal pace provided there possesses an inner good judgment and isn't at variance with saw proof in a variety of Indo-European languages. partly II an research is gifted of the Gothic verb method which seeks to give an explanation for the much-disputed functionality of ga- and to unravel the matter of Gothic point and actional kinds which does no violence both to the Gothic textual content or the Greek unique.

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The d e t e r m i n i n g f a c t o r s i n ­ c l u d e t h e a c t i o n a l f o r c e a p p l i e d by t h e s u b j e c t , t h e r e ­ s i s t a n c e of t h e o b j e c t , and t h e amount of change c o n s i d e r e d Language must of course sometimes oversimplify the complicated universe it attempts to describe. Some complete changes predicated bystrong processives may actually be the result of more than one act: one may kill by administering many small doses of poison over the course of months; yet the complete change from life to death is still only a single event, overshadowing the process involved.

In fact the actional change is so dominant that one loses sight of the multipartite nature of the action; such verbs are always cumulative (3a). In English, and incidentally also in Gothic, progress on the spatial plane is formally irrelevant. , involves motion in a single specific direc­ tion spatially. A non-cumulative like run may be spatially indeterminate ('He is running to keep warm') or determinate ('He is running to his mother') depending on the context. Since spatial considerations have no effect on the actional characteristics of the predication, the terms 'indetermin­ ate' and 'determinate' have no actional significance.

In m a r e i n 'the herd . . ran into the sea*, Mc 5, 13) bežat' ('run') padat' ('fall') Verbal Velocities 51 4. Weak Processives A weak processive predication is characterized by a series of pulses of such low actional velocity that they are not normally recognizable as separate pulses, but give the impression of a single continuous extremely low velocity action. ', but not 'I am being sad, knowing the answer, having red hair, etc. [statals]) ; also it will be seen that they are much more likely than statals to enter into aspectual rela­ tionships.

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