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Market-leading utilized arithmetic FOR THE MANAGERIAL, existence, AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, fifth variation, is a standard textual content with a marginally smooth consider. This new version comprises expertise in this type of method that either conventional and smooth practitioners locate the help they should educate successfully. carrying on with its culture of mathematical accuracy, the hot 5th version teaches by way of program and makes use of actual and practical examples to inspire scholars. It combines stable concept with leading edge studying instruments, encompasses a strong complement package deal, and provides unequalled flexibility that makes the direction effortless to coach. obtainable for majors and non-majors alike, the publication makes use of an intuitive technique that introduces summary recommendations via examples drawn from universal, real-life studies to which scholars can relate. It additionally attracts purposes from readers' fields of curiosity. furthermore, insightful Portfolios spotlight the careers of genuine humans and speak about how they contain math into their specialist lives. a number of routines confirm scholars have an exceptional figuring out of textual content suggestions ahead of advancing to the following subject. Bringing strong assets to scholars' fingertips, the text's intriguing array of supplements--including more advantageous WebAssign, resolution movies, and private Tutor--equips scholars with wide studying help to assist them maximize their examine time.

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A ϩ b)2 ϭ a2 ϩ 2ab ϩ b2 2. (a Ϫ b)2 ϭ a2 Ϫ 2ab ϩ b2 3. (a ϩ b)(a Ϫ b) ϭ a2 Ϫ b2 Illustration (2x ϩ 3y)2 ϭ (2x)2 ϩ 2(2x)(3y) ϩ (3y)2 ϭ 4x 2 ϩ 12xy ϩ 9y 2 2 (4x Ϫ 2y) ϭ (4x)2 Ϫ 2(4x)(2y) ϩ (2y)2 ϭ 16x 2 Ϫ 16xy ϩ 4y 2 (2x ϩ y)(2x Ϫ y) ϭ (2x)2 Ϫ ( y)2 ϭ 4x 2 Ϫ y2 12 1 FUNDAMENTALS OF ALGEBRA EXAMPLE 7 Use the special product formulas to compute: a. (2x ϩ y)2 b. (3a Ϫ 4b)2 1 1 c. a x Ϫ 1 b a x ϩ 1 b 2 2 Solution a. (2x ϩ y)2 ϭ (2x)2 ϩ 2(2x)( y) ϩ y 2 ϭ 4x 2 ϩ 4xy ϩ y 2 b. (3a Ϫ 4b)2 ϭ (3a)2 Ϫ 2(3a)(4b) ϩ (4b)2 ϭ 9a2 Ϫ 24ab ϩ 16b2 2 1 1 1 1 c.

Combine like terms within the brackets. Remove brackets. Combine like terms within the braces. Remove braces. EXAMPLE 9 Simplify 2{3 Ϫ 2[x Ϫ 2x(3 Ϫ x)]}. Solution 2{3 Ϫ 2[x Ϫ 2x(3 Ϫ x)]} ϭ 2{3 Ϫ 2[x Ϫ 6x ϩ 2x 2]} ϭ 2{3 Ϫ 2[Ϫ5x ϩ 2x 2]} ϭ 2{3 ϩ 10x Ϫ 4x 2} ϭ 6 ϩ 20x Ϫ 8x 2 ϭ Ϫ8x 2 ϩ 20x ϩ 6 Remove parentheses. Combine like terms. Remove brackets. Remove braces. Write answer in order of descending powers of x. 2 Self-Check Exercises 1. Find the product of (2x ϩ 3y)(3x Ϫ 2y). 2. Simplify 3x Ϫ 2{2x Ϫ [x Ϫ 2(x Ϫ 2)] ϩ 1}.

The operation of addition, written ϩ, enables us to combine any two numbers a and b to obtain their sum, denoted by a ϩ b. Another operation, multiplication, written и, enables us to combine any two real numbers a and b to form their product, the number a и b (more simply written ab). These two operations are subject to the rules of operation given in Table 2. TABLE 2 Rules of Operation for Real Numbers Rule Illustration Under addition 1. a ϩ b ϭ b ϩ a 2. a ϩ (b ϩ c) ϭ (a ϩ b) ϩ c 3. a ϩ 0 ϭ a 4.

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