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By Nadine Thielemann, Peter Kosta

ISBN-10: 9027210373

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This quantity offers an summary of present study priorities within the research of face-to-face-interaction in Slavic talking language groups. The center of this quantity levels from discourse research within the culture of interactional linguistics and dialog research to more moderen tools of politeness examine. an extra box comprises empirical and interpretive equipment of contemporary sociolinguistics and statistical research of spoken language in informal and institutional talks. a number of papers specialise in a semantic or syntactic research of talk-in-interaction via attempting to exhibit how interlocutors use definite lexical, grammatical, syntactic and multimodal or prosodic ability for the administration of interplay in acting particular activities, genres and showing negotiations of epistemic, evidential or evaluative stances. the amount is rounded out through contributions to the idea of politeness the place suggestions of face-work in informal in addition to institutional discourse are analyzed, or during which social initiatives entertained via code-switching and language alternation in the interplay of bilinguals are mentioned.

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1 AV → 2 VG → 3 АV → 4 5 6 7 VG In various interviews you have used such a strong word as idiocy. of power. of power, idiocy of power, I thought, you would say it yourself or I would have to suggest it. I am not afraid. The first line is itself a possible TCU, and the speaker concluded it with a falling, typically sentence-final intonation. The extension of the turn is ratified by the first speaker (Venediktov) which he repeated, first in just the genitive and then as a full phrase (vlasti, idiotizm vlasti ‘of power, the idiocy of power’) in line 3.

Moreover, the student interviewer knows them as personal friends. Thus there are very high levels of background and shared knowledge. The family has been asked about their time growing up in Odessa, and specifically about the use of language there. The conversation is marked by heightened involvement, laughter, and a general spirit of collaboratively constructing not just the conversation but the memories. ) 3 I zadumyvat’sja. 4 B zadumyvat’sja. Èto interesno. ) to think. to think. It’s interesting.

Venediktov) 1 VG I Iosif skazal 2 požalujsta, vot plan Maršalla Ukraine i Belorussii 3 oni strany, to est’ respubliki, gde, v osnovnom, šla 4 AV → vojna. 5 VG vojna↓. i agressija. 6 Poskol’ku opjat’ že v OON krome Anglii vstupila Kanada i Avstralija 7 xotja oni byli dominiony i tuda-sjuda 1 VG 2 3 4 AV → 5 VG 6 7 And Iosif said please, here’s the Marshall Plan for Ukraine and Belarus they’re countries, that is, republics, where, primarily, there was war. war and aggression. Since again besides England, Canada and Australia stepped into the UN though they were dominions and what have you.

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