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By Hugh F. Clifford

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An exceptional range of invertebrate existence lives underneath the skin of Alberta's lakes and streams. Aquatic Invertebrates of Alberta enhances present box publications to organisms in Alberta, masking all significant teams of aquatic invertebrates. color images, pictorial keys, and 114 whole-specimen drawings supplement the textual content. This booklet is barely to be had throughout the collage of Alberta book shop (print-on-demand).

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G. liver or a dead fish, is sometimes used as bait for triclads. The bait is usually examined for triclads (and other invertebrates) after having been in the water several hours or even a day or more. The method apparently works well for some North American species—in Alberta, better for Polycelis than for Dugesia. Special fixing, staining, and mounting techniques are required for permanent whole mount slides of planarians, see for example Kenk (1976) or Pennak (1978). Specimens should be relaxed before preserving in 70% alcohol.

The ZOOPLANKTON references are: Anderson (1967, 1968a, 1968b, 1970b, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1980), Anderson and De Henau (1980), Anderson and Green (1975, 1976), Bajkov (1929), Bidgood (1972), Clifford (1972a ,1972c), Culp (1978), Daborn (1975b), Donald (1971), Donald and Kooyman (1977), Gallup and Hickman (1975), Gallup et al. (1971), Gates et al. (1987), Hauptman (1958), Johansen (1921), Kerekes (1965), Kerekes and Nursall (1966), Lei and Clifford (1974c), Mayhood (1978), Miller (1952), Mitchell and Prepas (1990), Nursall and Gallup (1971), O'Connell (1978), Paterson et al.

Adult horsehair worms are long, up to about 30 cm in length in Alberta, whereas most freshwater nematodes can barely be seen with the unaided eye. Adult horsehair worms are usually dark brown to almost black, whereas most nematodes are whitish. The posterior end of some horsehair worms is bifid or even trifid, whereas most aquatic nematodes have a single blunt or pointed posterior end. Finally, the cuticle of horsehair worms is complex, and under the microscope raised surface areas are usually evident.

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