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By Gayane V Hagopian

ISBN-10: 0882065165

ISBN-13: 9780882065168

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DEVOICING IN DUTCH 33 Iverson & Salmons (2003) argue that the examples put forward by Wetzels and Mascaró lend themselves to privative reanalyses using a more sophisticated set of laryngeal features, following Halle & Stevens (1971), and Avery & Idsardi’s (2001) ‘dimension theory’ of the laryngeal articulator. Their account of Dutch is a straightforward translation of Lombardi’s P & P analysis into their framework; their proposal on the past tense will be briefly discussed below. 13. Or possibly a morphologically conditioned parameter-setting, a situation not unheard of in phonology, compare in metrical phonology English extrametricality being conditioned by the noun-verb distinction, see Hayes (1982).

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