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By Carol A. Freeman

ISBN-10: 1932762981

ISBN-13: 9781932762983

This can be the tale of a tender girl, misdiagnosed with a bipolar ailment, her coincidence and next coma. Her mom starts off a quest for solutions, wondering her personal religious ideals. She unearths self-discovery, assistance and the peace she desperately seeks within the teachings and traditions of local American (Lakota) spirituality. it is just via a deep religious connection to her daughter in a coma that the kinfolk is ready to make the ultimate determination to take away her feeding tube. From this tragedy comes forth a better know-how of the value of lifestyles and loss of life reports and the alternatives each people has to make.

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When I met Michelle, she immediately made me feel comfortable as I began my story about my daughter Sharon and her problem. I asked her if she could help Sharon. Her answer to me was she could try and help her if she came to see her but that she could help me. At the time I was only concerned about fixing Sharon’s problem. I did not realize I had become so absorbed in Sharon’s life situation that I also needed help. Michelle was a counselor and Shamanic practitioner. She began to tell me about Shamanism, and journeying, which is much like a deep meditative state.

She was biting down so hard on the tube she had broken a tooth. Sharon’s condition showed no signs of improvement though she looked like she was sleeping except for the constant hum of the ventilator. They had As The Eagle Cries___________________________ 41 tried several times to wean Sharon from the ventilator with some success, but she was still receiving oxygen continuously. I was anxious and afraid of Sharon having to undergo surgery while still in a coma, but the doctors convinced me it was something that needed to be done.

Don phoned us the next day and said, after a lengthy discussion with the Sheriff ’s Department personnel and only because the judge had written the order, they had no choice but to relinquish all records. We met the investigator at the Sheriff ’s office the next day with the court order and were given As The Eagle Cries___________________________ 49 all the records including an actual film of the accident. There were twenty-four-hour video cameras in the area of the accident. Ron and I watched in horror the tape of Sharon’s accident.

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