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By Gerard O'Daly

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This publication offers an research of Augustine's discussions of the brain and soul of people.

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5' Mankind's solidarity with Adam and co-responsibility for his sin, which all men willed through him (nupt. tl cone. "0 might seem to argue for the conclusion that. just as original sin is propagated by the act of generation (c. luI. imp. 42), so also the soul may be (ib. 104; cf. 177). But such traducianism requires the explanation of how souls are actually propagated. a difficulty that does not make it more plausible (ep. 15): again, Augustine stresses lack of Scriptural guidance (tp. 11 He is resigned to uncertainty (retr.

An. 4; cf. §30). The latter reference need not necessarily be to an immaterial power, but it raises the possibility of such a power. If Augustine's interlocutor Evodius" has difficulty - like Augustine himself once had (conf. 7. Iff. ) - in imagining the existence of something non-corporeal (quanl. an. 4), he can be quickly convinced that, in the case of a virtue like justice, he in fact posits the reality of a non-corporeal entity (ib. §5). What is incorporeal need not be 'nothing' (nihil). But to admit that a concept is not three-dimensional is not to agree that soul, too, is incorporeal.

95f. below and Chapter 4 passim. Cf. also here, §25: the argument is the familiar one that the objects in our dreams or in our imagination cannot be physically present in our minds, given their size, variety and number. 2. General Theor) of the Soul 31 seems, however, to distort, if not actually to falsify, the latter's position. 8' There seems to be no reason, for example, for asserting that it must be Perpetua's anima that appears to her to fight in her dream. 26: Who would doubt, however, that it had been her soul in that likeness of her body, and not her body ...

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