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By Barney G. Glaser

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Should sufferers learn they're demise? How do households react whilst certainly one of their contributors is dealing with loss of life? Who should still exhibit that demise is forthcoming? How does health facility staff—doctors, nurses, and attendants—act towards the demise sufferer and his family?

Death, as a social ritual, is without doubt one of the nice turning issues in human lifestyles, yet sooner than this vintage paintings, it have been subjected to little clinical examine. American views on loss of life look unusually paradoxical—the brutal truth of demise is faced day-by-day in our newspapers but american citizens are unwilling to speak overtly concerning the strategy of loss of life itself. Awareness of demise, using a hugely unique conception of know-how, examines the death sufferer and people approximately him in social interplay, it offers us a language and instruments of research for knowing who is familiar with what approximately demise, less than what conditions, and what distinction it makes.

The authors use their finely certain observations to enhance theoretical constructs that might be of use in lots of different interactions and events. Awareness of demise was the 1st examine of loss of life in hospitals, and has confirmed an invaluable instruction manual for chaplains, social employees, nurses, and medical professionals in confronting the numerous moral and private difficulties that come up within the death state of affairs. Now on hand in paperback, it really is destined to arrive new audiences drawn to this key a part of all life.

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CONTRIBUTING STRUCTURAL CONDITIONS We indicated some of the structural conditions for this type of awareness in Chapter 3; here we shall discuss them in more detail. If any structural condition that ordinarily sustains a closed awareness context happens to be absent, the patient may begin to wonder about his real condition. For instance, as noted earlier, most patients are not very knowledgeable about the signs of terminality when they first enter the hospital, but a patient who is somewhat knowledgeable (a nurse, for ex­ ample) may be much more alert to the implications of certain physical symptoms.

And because the very names of certain Suspicion Aw areness: T he C ontest F o r C ontrol 49 diseases— notably cancer— are so alarming to laymen, a physi­ cian who names such a disease, even though he disclaims its fatality, may sharply arouse the patient’s suspicions. In Japan, one of the authors once interviewed a patient at the Tokyo Cancer Hospital. This patient explained that he did not know what was wrong until he was brought to the hospital; then, seeing its name carved above the entrance, he realized with horror that probably he had a fatal disease.

He writes: I had once another experience which throws light on the same problem. . P. had, in 1939, their annual convention in Richmond, Virginia. I visited the meetings and took part in a boat excursion which ended die convention. On board I approached a group of offi­ cers and crew {whites) who held themselves strictly apart, looking on the Association members who had crowded their ship for the day with an unmistakable mixture of superiority, dislike, embarrassment, interest and friendly humor.

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