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By Harry L.Mike Harkins, etc.

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E-book by way of Harkins, Harry L.Mike, and so forth.

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Page 34 Diagram 3-9: Dribble entry loop Diagram 3-10: Cut 1, 2 Diagram 3-11: Cut 3 A Post-Oriented Dribble Entry This dribble entry variation is very functional when your post players ((4) and (5)) can dominate their defenders in the post area. Diagram 3-12 shows (1) make a dribble entry at wing (2). (2) clears down and around, but this time, (5) does not come across the lane. Diagram 3-12 Page 35 (4) then moves across the lane and screens for (5), who cuts to the ballside. After screening, (4) pops to the high-post area (see Diagram 3-13).

Page 37 Diagram 3-20: Wing clear Seeing that (2) has cleared the lane, (1) V-cuts back to the wing position (see Diagram 3-21). If none of the scoring options is open, (4) hands off to (1), who dribbles out front. (3) continues across the lane to the wing position. The team is then back in its pattern set and ready to run a new triple option play (see Diagram 3-22). Diagram 3-21: V-cut to wing Diagram 3-22: Reset-triple cut Pressure Relief of the Wing-to-Point Pass When using the basic pattern, many teams will deny the wing-to-point pass (see Diagram 3-23).

The Screen and Roll (No. 1 Variation of the Penetration Weave) Diagram 4-23 shows point guard (1) dribble toward wing (2) and hand off the ball to (2). (2) then dribbles off the offside post screen from (5), who has moved up to the head of the key to screen (see Diagram 4-23). Page 45 (2) should attempt to penetrate as deep as possible, as (5) rolls to the basket (see Diagram 4-24). Diagram 4-23: Penetration weave Diagram 4-24: Screen and roll If neither (2) nor (5) is open, (2) hands off to (3) and the motion is repeated (see Diagram 4-25).

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