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Of time), before, at mangle, I, to lack; to be quarter short of. o. s. , etc. (from og saa vi- dere, and so forth). READING. Vi har f0r Isert at der er 12 maaneder i et aar. I denne lekse laerer vi at hver maaned har sit eget navn. Den fjzfrste maaned i aaret heter januar, den anden heter 52 februar, den tredje mars, den fjerde order and De to name o. v. s. ) fjzfrste og den vintermaanederne. er sidste Disse er aarets kolde maaneder, altsaa de maaneder i hvilke (34, n) vi bar sne og storm. Saa kommer I mars maaned april og mai.

Present perfect (har laest, have read) denotes that the action is completed now, past perfect (hadde laest, had read) denotes that the action was completed at some time in the past, and future perfect (skal ha laest, shall have read) denotes that the action will be completed at some time in the future. These tenses are spoken of as compound or secondary tenses. SIX TENSES INDICATIVE. Infinitive: at lase, to read. ) I " " read (am reading) read (was reading) shall read (be reading) pres. perf. : fut.

Be so kind as to) help yourself. fkal det maa jeg vare .... be om you have some would you like some will may . . I ask for . , . . may ; . I have .. Could I have a glass of water (thank you) ? Please may I have a glass of water? (would you) please . Om jeg kunde faa vand, tak. De (vcere saa at) sende mig et Vil . glas venlig pass . at spise middag, at spise til middags. Jeg har spist middag. leg har varet i middag hos en ven av familien. tak [tak], mange . . to eat dinner, to be to dinner, to take dinner.

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