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By Margaret L. Lial

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Is there something extra appealing than an “A” in Algebra? to not the Lial group! Marge Lial, John Hornsby, and Terry McGinnis write their textbooks and accompanying assets with one aim in brain: giving scholars all of the instruments they should be successful.   With this revision, the Lial crew has additional sophisticated the presentation and workouts in the course of the textual content. they give numerous interesting new assets for college kids that may supply additional aid while wanted, whatever the studying atmosphere (classroom, lab, hybrid, on-line, etc)–new research abilities actions within the textual content, an elevated video software to be had in MyMathLab and at the Video assets on DVD, and extra!

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31x + 2y2 26. 212x + y2 y x 29. + 2 3 30. 34. 6x 2 + 4y y x + 5 4 31. 2x + 4y - 6 5y + 2 32. 4x + 3y - 1 x 33. 2y 2 + 5x 35. 3x + y 2 2x + 3y 36. x2 + 1 4x + 5y 37. 32y 2 38. 25y 2 Write each word phrase as an algebraic expression, using x as the variable. See Example 3. 39. Twelve times a number 40. Fifteen times a number 41. Nine added to a number 42. Six added to a number 43. Four subtracted from a number 44. Seven subtracted from a number 45. A number subtracted from seven 46. A number subtracted from four 47.

For example, 8 6 12 because 8 is to the left of 12 on the number line. This ordering is extended to all real numbers by definition. OBJECTIVE 2 Ordering of Real Numbers a b For any two real numbers a and b, a is less than b if a lies to the left of b on the number line. See FIGURE 8 . a lies to the left of b, or a 6 b. FIGURE 8 NOW TRY EXERCISE 3 This means that any negative number is less than 0, and any negative number is less than any positive number. Also, 0 is less than any positive number.

23414 Add inside brackets. = 82 Multiply. 415 + 32 + 3 Simplify the numerator and denominator separately. 2132 - 1 = 4182 + 3 Work inside parentheses. 2132 - 1 = 32 + 3 6 - 1 = 35 , 5 or Multiply. 7 Add and subtract. Then divide. NOW TRY NOTE The expression 415 + 32 + 3 in Example 3(b) can be written as the quotient 2132 - 1 3415 + 32 + 34 , 32132 - 14, which shows that the fraction bar “groups” the numerator and denominator separately. OBJECTIVE 4 Know the meanings of , <, >, ◊ , and » . So far, we have used the equality symbol =.

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