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Scientific innovation calls for learn, and learn depends upon sufferers and fit volunteers keen to imagine hazards. contemplating the moral judgements clinical practitioners needs to face, starting existence takes a detailed examine numerous daring scientific recommendations that experience created new lives and stored others. With special details on assisted reproductive applied sciences like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy, genetic checking out and remedy, stem cells and healing cloning, and extensive care concepts for significantly untimely newborns, this new source highlights key moral rules and their program to the standard perform of medication.

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I remember Steptoe and Edwards sort of displaying Louise Brown around and saying, ‘Look, all her parts are here. She’s happy . . ” Robert George, professor of law at Princeton, agrees. “[I]t’s critically important that we do the studies that will enable us to know whether in fact, over the long term, there are higher rates of disease, morbidity, among children conceived in IVF. ” SUMMARY Louise Brown’s arrival ushered in an era of hope for millions of infertile couples all over the world. It also set the stage for developments in reproductive and genetic science that seemed far-fetched at the time—genetic screening of embryos, gene therapy, embryonic stem cell research, egg and sperm donors for hire, surrogate motherhood—many of the new technological practices considered in this book.

This new data will make it easier to compare genetic differences between people with and without certain conditions so as to identify genetic factors involved in common human diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and depressive disorders. Unlike diseases with simple and direct genetic links (see the discussion of Huntington’s disease at the end of this chapter), these conditions usually result from the combined effects of a number of genetic variations and environmental factors. HapMap has already been credited with finding genes involved in conditions like obesity and age-related blindness.

This impressive surge in knowledge about our genes has been accompanied by intense hopes—and fears—about newfound technical powers to manipulate the production of life. This chapter will look at the current extent of our knowledge about the human genome; review the cruel history of eugenics (systematic genetic control) programs in the United States and other countries; and explore current implications of genetic discoveries for human health, privacy, and reproductive choice. 40 Eugenics, Genetic Testing, and Designer Babies 41 Codiscoverers of the structure of DNA, James Watson, at left, and Francis Crick, show their model of part of a DNA molecule in 1953.

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