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From the again hide: "This e-book stands on the crossroads among Jerusalem and Benares and opens a protracted awaited dialog among historic spiritual traditions. It represents the 1st critical test via a bunch of eminent students of Judaic and Indian reports to take heavily the cross-cultural resonances one of the Judaic and Hindu traditions."

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W. von Soden has shownll that this is Sanskrit magha "gift," in the nominative and accusative magham. In the form makanni it occurs several times in a letter of the Hurrian king of Mitanni, found among the Tell-Amarna documents; -nni is a Hurrian noun-suffix. " As a verb, in parallelism to 0 ty "give," it occurs in Ugaritic epics, corresponding to the Hebrew miggen. Probably from Aramaic, the word came into Arabic as 28 ChaimRabin majjallan, with an added adverbial ending. In a society where it was customary to respond to presents with presents, the manner of the addirim warriors, who did not respond, caused their word for this habit to be taken over.

As has already been mentioned,H according to Rabbi Isaac's parable, Abraham himself came to the conclusion that a world without a governor is unthinkable. ) did not believe that Abraham had learned from his father or any other teacher, but that Abraham's kidneys became the fount of his knowledge-the kidney being the seat of understanding. 9 While we see that the rabbinic sages were aware of the problem, the mainstream of rabbinic tradition did not refer to the gradual discovery of God by Abraham.

I venture that the theme reached the Jews via Persia, through a Zoroastrian medium. In our sources, the legend about Abraham's quest for God was connected from the beginning with his fight against idolatry, his rescue from the fiery furnace and the death of his brother Haran by fire. E. Moreover, it is not improbable that these Abraham and the Upanishads 39 sources attest to an older written legendary epic about Abraham's earlier days, perhaps similar in contents to the narratives told about Daniel.

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