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The govt is aware that Daphne city is a vampire, they usually have an ultimatum: undercover agent for them, or be killed. the alternative is straightforward. she will communicate thirteen languages, has a genius IQ, and has escaped detection for almost years-making her ideal for group Darkwing. Her first venture is to get with reference to Bonaventure, a shady hands broker with an unforeseen reward for seduction. but if Darius, a darkly horny vampire slayer, starts chasing her, Darius is torn among wish and accountability. For his lithe, younger prey is additionally his final temptation.

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With all the identities I had donned and all the lying I had done, I had been training to be a spy for several hundred years. I should be damn good at it. Barely forty-five minutes later I stood as instructed by Douglas Schneibel before the battered green-painted doors of a loft building right off Canal Street near the Holland Tunnel. I looked up and trained my eyes on the third floor until finally a hand extended out a third floor window and dropped a key attached to a hefty, sawdust-stuffed lozenge of cloth.

Ja , so interesting. I befriended several tribal leaders. I stayed mostly with the headhunters of the Papua. Even though they liked me and allowed me to come and go freely, it was a dangerous thing to do. I had many close calls. Michael Rockefeller, the son of Nelson Rockefeller, disappeared there, you know. He was visiting the Asmat tribe. The official report was that he drowned. It was easier for the family to believe that. " Schneibel sighed heavily. He removed a handkerchief from inside his jacket and wiped his brow, then noisily blew his nose.

He sucked it in noisily, piglike. Some dribbled out and down his chin. He dabbed at it with a pink damask napkin. He motioned at the plate to me. "No, thank you," I said. " Ignoring my refusal, Bonaventure took a plate and scooped caviar on it. With his stubby fingers he added a few rounds of toast. He pushed it across the table toward me. "You must not refuse. It is the best. Extraordinary. A rare treat. I insist. " I pulled the plate toward me. There was always a power play with men like this.

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