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By Morgan S. Pratchett, Michael L. Berumen, B. G. Kapoor

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Butterflyfishes (family Chaetodontidae) are a hugely conspicuous component to fish fauna on coral reefs through the international. In mild in their powerful dependence on coral, they can be considered as the epitome of coral reef fishes. This quantity examines the ecology and conservation of coral reef butterflyfishes. It offers vital insights on their evolution and key occasions and variations that experience resulted in their proliferation inside coral reef ecosystems. Key to the sturdiness of butterflyfishes is the evolution of coral-feeding—a primary concentration of the ecological chapters during this quantity. The ebook additionally highlights key threats and demanding situations regarding the conservation of butterflyfishes and ends with an summary of present and destiny study directions.

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The measurements were obtained via motion analyses of high-speed video, measuring the angle in Fig. 8A, of live fish feeding in aquaria or in the wild, or of direct manipulations of the IMJ in sacrificed or anaesthetised specimens. For Chaetodon [Radophorus], the grey column represents Chaetodon [Radophorus] melannotus, an obligate corallivore, while the white column represents the mean IMJ rotation in other [Radophorus] taxa. Modified from Konow et al. (2008). , 2008). Interestingly, intramandibular flexion does not appear to be a basal trait for the butterflyfishes, as it is in both acanthuroid surgeonfishes and chaetodontoid angelfishes.

Most of the recent studies of swimming and feeding have involved strong experimental components and have taken a comparative approach, and these studies can therefore be used to evaluate the relative advantage of certain structures over others in performing ecological tasks. Earlier swimming functional morphology studies (Webb, 1982; Gerstner, 1999a, b; Blake, 2004) proposed that species group into guilds depending on their swimming mode. More recently, Fulton (2007) measured the swimming performance of reef fishes empirically, in a flow tank, and conducted habitat-based validations of swimming performance.

1999b. The function of a deep body morphology in coral reef fishes: enhanced maneuverability or protection from gape-limited predators? Dissertation Abstracts International Part B: Science and Engineering 59: 3192. A. 1985. Relationships among some relatively deep-bodied percoid fish groups. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 31: 351–357. K. 1933. Fish skulls: a study of the evolution of natural mechanisms. The American Philosophical Society 23: 1–468. Harmelin-Vivien, M. and Y. Bouchon-Navaro. 1983.

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