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By Jeffrey C. Carrier, John A. Musick, Michael R. Heithaus

ISBN-10: 084931514X

ISBN-13: 9780849315145

Winner of selection Magazine’s striking educational name award, January 2005!

Sharks and their kin are the topics of great curiosity. The public’s fascination is inspired via their roles in videos and renowned literature, whereas the media races to hide tales of predators endangering helpless people. The alarming chance to shark populations can also be garnering major exposure and resulting in a global bring up in conservation tasks. ultimately, technological advances are impacting each quarter of shark learn and revealing amazing secrets and techniques approximately those mysterious animals. those significant elements point out the necessity for a well timed synthesis of the biology of sharks and their family members.

Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives brings jointly the most recent details at the phylogeny, body structure, habit, and ecology of sharks and their family, the skates, rays, and chimaeras. Written via a “Who’s Who” lineup in North American elasmobranch learn, this single-source evaluation of elasmobranch fishes provides cohesive and built-in insurance of key issues and discusses technological advances utilized in smooth shark examine. The textual content establishes relationships one of the sharks and their kin that dominate the Chondrichthyes, describes their features and physiological methods, and examines concerns appropriate to coping with depleted and threatened fisheries. all of the 19 chapters incorporates a complete overview of the topic with broad updated citations.

This authoritative ebook offers a synopsis of the present knowing of elasmobranch fishes whereas settling on gaps in our wisdom to stimulate additional learn. Its wide assurance and inclusive nature make this a huge source for marine and conservation biologists, fishery scientists, organic oceanographers, zoologists, ecologists, environmental planners, and scholars.

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