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Published through the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.


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Firstparapodium, posteriorview. d. Firstparapodium,anteriorview. e. Secondparapodium, anteriorview. f. Medianparapodium, anteriorview. g. Subacicular seta. h. Pectinate hook. i. Hooksfrom first parapodium(one on right removed from chaeta 51 g b c d . 05 tn• 52 BIOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC KEY TOTHEHyalinoeciaSPECIES FROM ANTARC'rilE AND SUBANTARCTIC WATERS SEAS XXI New Zealandare disjunctfrom otherknownstocksof H. tubicola:Onein the northeastAtlantic (from the North Sea to the Mediterranean Eyespresent(Plate 11, fig.

29 (in part). Onuphis(Nothria) lepta;Averincev,1972, p. 175 (in part:not Chamberlin,1919). Onuphisdorsalis;Averincev, 1972, p. AKNI/171 only). Onuphis(Nothria) notialis;Averincev, 1972, p. 178 (in part). Kinbergonuphis antarcticaWu, Wang, andWu, 1987, p. 37, pl. 1. Kinbergonuphis fauchaldiWu, Wang, andWu, 1987, p. 37, pl. 2. Records. AKNI/171, AKNI/229, ELT*/138, ELT*/268, ELT*/480, OBRV/228, OBRV/230. Remarks. ELT*/135, OBRV/121, Four of the samplesreported by Hartman [1967a] (ELT*/135, ELT*/138, ELT*/268, ELT*/480) as 'Nothria notialis' come from rather deep water (1437-3734 m), beyondthe bathymetric range of that species.

Discussion. One specimen recorded as Hyalinoecia sp. by Hartman [1967a] from the South Georgiashelfwasreexaminedandfoundto be a juvenile of K. notialis. Tentacularcirri are present. Anterior hooks are pseudocomposite and tridentateor subtridentate and occuron setigers1-3. Ventral cirfi are cirriformon setigers1-4. Branchiaeare absent. Subacicularhooksbegin on setiger14. The genus Hyalinoeciais not knownto occurin the SouthGeorgia shelf. Distribution. Validated records from the South Shetlandand SouthOrkney islands.

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