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This ebook provides and describes imaging applied sciences that may be used to check chemical tactics and structural interactions in dynamic platforms, largely in biomedical structures. The imaging applied sciences, mostly biomedical imaging applied sciences akin to MRT, Fluorescence mapping, raman mapping, nanoESCA, and vehicles microscopy, were chosen in keeping with their software variety and to the chemical details content material in their info. those applied sciences let for the research and evaluate of soft organic samples, which must never be disturbed through the profess. finally, this can suggest fewer animal lab checks and medical trials.

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11. The results of pattern recognition are projected over different MRI images to compare the results with morphological information. Patient A was diagnosed with a grade III tumor, and the classification result shows the presence of regions of grade II and grade III tumors. But because a tumor is diagnosed by the most malignant tissue present, the result of the statistical method is in agreement with histopathology. 10, it was clear that some voxels in the tumorous region have equal probability of belonging to grade II and grade III classes.

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33. Lukas L, Devos A, Suykens JAK, Vanhamme L, Howe FA, Majos C, Moreno-Torres A, van der Graaf M, Tate AR, Arus C, van Huffel S. Brain tumor classification based on long echo proton MRS signals. Artif Intell Med 2004;31:73–89. 34. Melssen W, Wehrens R, Buydens L. Supervised Kohonen networks for classification problems. Chemom Intell Lab Syst 2006;83:99–113. 35. Simonetti AW, Melssen WJ, van der Graaf M, Postma GJ, Heerschap A, Buydens LMC. A chemometric approach for brain tumor classification using magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.

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