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She spent a lot of time with them, giving full range to religious dispositions that clearly predated the death of Earl Little. Malcolm describes his mother’s growing attraction to the Adventist tradition in the following passage: Like us, they were against eating rabbits and pork; they followed the Mosaic dietary laws. They ate nothing of the f lesh without a split hoof, or that didn’t chew a cud. We began to go with my 28 Black Religion mother to the Adventist meetings that were held further out in the country.

But, practically speaking, this person lives with indifference to the existence or nonexistence of the gods. If there are any gods, they do not affect this person’s life in any noticeable way. ” To say that god and the gods are dead is to enter a different world of discourse. The practical atheist does not refute standard arguments for the existence and nature of god. No attempt is made to refute them because they are matters of indifference. New habits of action have made god and the gods irrelevant to how this person lives.

The subordinate males are the sons of the dominant couple; the female 22 Black Religion offspring are their sisters. The alpha male exercises tyrannical control of the horde, which includes monopolizing sexual access to the females. The sons seethe with desire and envy; they cower before the alpha male who maintains his sexual monopoly through deadly violence, killing any one who challenges his sexual rights. The sons are ambivalent. They both love and fear their father. They envy him too, since they want what he has, namely, sexual access to the females.

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