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Hrafnkel's Saga and Other Icelandic Stories

All seven tales during this quantity exemplify the exceptional characteristics of real looking fiction in medieval Iceland.

They date from the 13th century and fall into detailed teams. Hrafnkel's Saga, Thorstein the Staff-Struck and Ale Hood are set within the pastoral society of local Iceland, the homely contact and stark realism giving the incidents a robust feeling of immediacy. the remainder 4, Hreidar the idiot, Halldor Snorrason, Audun's tale and Ivar's tale, have been written with out first-hand wisdom of Scandinavia, and describe the adventures of Icelandic poets and peasants on the royal courts of Norway and Denmark. Pagan components tightly woven into the development of Christian ethics provide those tales their precise personality and solidarity.

Design and Rhetoric in a Sanskrit Court: The Kiratarjuniya of Bharavi

"Explores the earliest literary therapy of Arjuna's conflict with the nice god Siva, supplying an advent to the Sanskrit courtroom epic. "

Witches Incorporated (Rogue Agent, #2)

It is a case of espionage, skullduggery and severe unpleasantnessAnd it is also Gerald's first reliable govt project. he is removing a perilous saboteur, and time is instantly working out. previous enemies and new mix forces to thwart him. once more, blameless lives are at the line. He wishes his associates.

Born Divine

During this compelling examine of the delivery and infancy of Jesus, Robert Miller separates truth from fiction within the gospel narratives and relates them to tales in regards to the dazzling births of Israelite heroes and of Greek and Roman sons of God. Born Divine analyzes the Christian declare that the start and adolescence of Jesus fulfilled outdated testomony prophecies.

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He didn’t want to make any more missteps. “Um…sure. ” She watched him with a strange glitter of expectation in her eyes. David coughed. “Okay. ” David summoned a smile. “It’s a fucking awesome name. ” David nodded eagerly, as if no one had ever said anything so astonishing. “Wow. Romanian. ” She relinquished her grip on his wrist. “Look at her, David. I selected her just for you. ” David nodded again. “Pleased. Yeah. ” “Then take her. Drain the life from her. ” David didn’t need to be told twice, even as her choice of words carved a niggling slice of doubt in what little remained of his conscience.

The delusion lasted until the moment he became aware of the heavy chain links encircling his wrists and ankles. His head tilted downward as his eyes fluttered open. His eyes widened and he sucked in a big breath as he realized just how high above the ground he was. The vampire woman’s throne of blackened skulls and bones looked like a piece of pretend furniture plucked from a dollhouse belonging to Satan’s granddaughter. Ditto for all the rickety tables and torture devices. But this did nothing to distance him psychologically from the gruesomeness of the grisly tableau.

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