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It really is well written and accomplished publication for readers, who are looking to cross deep within the box of developmental skeletal biology. It presents remarkable information regarding easy tactics of skeletongenesis and interspecies' evolution. regrettably there is not any an excessive amount of in regards to the final information of the underlying molecular bases yet evidently this used to be now not the foremost objective of the authors. notwithstanding, as repayment they consistently consult with applicable titles for additional details.

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E. it stains with basic dyes in light microscopical histological analyses), as is bone, but has nests of cells in lacunae resembling chondrocytes. In mammals, especially, chondroid bone is often a permanent skeletal tissue. In this sense, chondroid bone is a stable intermediate skeletal tissue, and not a transitional one. Primary cartilage, being a transitional tissue replaced by bone, is a less permanent part of the skeleton than chondroid bone. Chondroid is a less permanent tissue. In the antlers of white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, chondroid is replaced by bone in what has been called ‘chondroidal bone formation,’ a process intermediate between intramembranous and endochondral bone formation (see Chapter 5).

A) Superficial bone and medial osteonic bone seen in a transverse ground section of the femur from a 52-year-old woman, the femur having been impregnated with osmium black. (B) Several stages in osteone formation in a silver-stained ground section of the femur of a 3-year-old buffalo, Bison bison. See Locke (2005) for details of sample preparation. Images kindly provided by Michael Locke. On the basis of developmental processes, bone has been classified for a century and a half as endochondral (developing by the replacement of a cartilaginous model) or intramembranous (developing by the replacement of a fibrous or fibrocellular model).

Bone houses the haematopoietic tissues of adult mammals. Bone is found only in vertebrates. Extant jawless vertebrates (lampreys), craniates (hagfishes) and all invertebrates lack bone. Conodonts possess bone; their phylogenetic status is not resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, however. Cartilage is an avascular, supporting and articular skeletal tissue consisting of cells in an extracellular matrix (ECM), which may or may not mineralize depending on cartilage type. Like bone, cartilage can arise ectopically outside the skeleton, for example, in connective tissue, muscle and the heart.

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